SRO Academy LLC provides solutions to school systems for creating a school-based safety program. It has evolved into a full-blown academy that provides School Resource Officer certification through experiential learning. All courses are MCOLES approved and officers receive ILETB credit. SRO-Basic is accredited through IvyTech Community College as 3 credit hours.

School Resource Officer – Basic Course: This training is designed to transition a law enforcement or security officer from their normal roles to being a School Resource Officer (SRO) in the educational system.  Each topic is structured to ensure that the mindset of the SRO can quickly and accurately switch between the roles of a police/security officer to that of a school employee or student mentor.  This course provides each officer with the tools necessary to understand the social and emotional aspects of youth in the K-12 school system and develop the relationships necessary to ensure school safety. Tactical training to respond quickly and effectively when a threat or incident within the school occurs is also covered in this course.

Upon completion of this course, the officer will be able to:

  • Understand and review case law as it applies to juveniles and the school system
  • Have a basic knowledge of social and emotional needs of K-12 students
  • Determine whether an investigation is the school’s or law enforcement’s responsibility
  • Expertly investigate school incidents that may be criminal
  • Be proficient with school-based tactics, both physical and firearms
  • Certified in stop the bleed trauma-based actions
  • Conduct a generalized threat assessment within their own school

SRO Academy blends much needed classroom lecture with hands on reality-based training.